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Container House in Malaysia

The most significant advantages of this system are as follows:

Long-lasting, durable and secure.
Provides high sound, heat and water insulation.
Provides more efficient earthquake performance due to its flexibility and lightness.
Presents flexibility and elegant solutions in design.
Shortens construction period by virtue of its easy assembly.
Constructions manufactured by galvanized steel are corrosion-resistant.
The standardization in the production system provides quality and stability in the prices of materials.
The construction materials have high recycling.

WELLCAMP Container House in Malaysia

Foshan WELLCAMP Building Materials Co.,Ltd has marked as a high quality famous brand of the world, we aimed to become an industry leader in prefabricated buildings and Container House, which dedicateds itself to provide professional one stop service solution. Our services include design, engineer, fabrication.

Foshan WELLCAMP Building Materials Co.,Ltd is a modular homes, prefab house,Container House and steel building manufacturer in China. We have been designing, fabricating and erecting quality steel structure building, industrial steel building, container house, prefabricated house products for over 15 years. In addition to supplying a wide selection of standard steel frame products, we are also able to customize products for specific applications.

As a high quality brand of Container House, Wellcamp has successfully completed many projects government, international joint venture, and charity organization in various fields of oil, military camps and emergency function.